Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sparkle Themed 21st Birthday

This sparkle themed 21st birthday was for someone that deserves all of the glitter in the world, one of my best friends, my sister. I can't imagine my life without her in it. She's one of the sweetest, funniest, most caring people I know. This party was just a small way of telling her that we love her, appreciate her, and to remind her to always sparkle. My baby sister is all grown up and deserves to be celebrated!

All of the details were inspired by her crazy addiction to chocolate and shopping, making it a perfect party for a shopaholic, chocoholic, and non-alcoholic. The main table had two "mini bars" on each corner. We made many of her favorite chocolate sweets, and Sukkar Cakes made us the perfect shopaholic themed cake. Since it was a surprise party, we had all of the guests hold sparklers as she entered, and her reaction was priceless! The favors were our homemade cookies, and we also made a cute guest book alternative. Happy birthday Nisreen, I still can't believe my baby sister is 21! We love you so much, and don't ever forget that you were born to sparkle!
The main table. We added a mini hot cocoa bar with delicious toppings, and a cupcake "sparkle" bar with cute sprinkles. The colors of the party were gold, black, white, red, hot pink, and orange. All of the sweets added to the table are some of this chocoholic's favorites. 
We designed this background frame and added the phrase "You were born to sparkle" in it.
This cake by Sukkar Cakes was perfect! I wanted all of the shopping bags to represent most of the previous gifts that we got my sister throughout the years. The Nutella jar just had to be on the cake because, well, it just had to be. This is the perfect way to make sure the birthday girl will never forget any of the gifts that we got her!
We designed this birthday banner alternative and decorated it to match the theme.
This birthday banner alternative could also work as a fabulous centerpiece!
The mini hot cocoa bar. We added cute gold fringe to all of the spoons and coffee stirrers.
The cupcake "sparkle" bar. We made some homemade cupcakes and decorated them with gold fringe toppers. We also added some pink, gold, and orange sprinkles for the guests to add as toppings to the cupcakes.
These mini ├ęclairs and fruit tarts by Sukkar Cakes were delicious!
Our homemade chocolate covered apples.
Chocolate covered pretzel sticks in gold glitter jars.
We also made these chocolate dipped marshmallows.
We designed these mini bars to fit the theme. Each chocolate bar had the phrase "Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins" and the birthday girl's name and age.
We added the guest book alternative, favors, and sparklers to this table.
Each guest got to take home two of our homemade sparkly cookies. We designed this label and added it to each favor.
Our homemade cookie shaped as a glamorous cupcake.
Our homemade stripe themed cookies.
Our homemade cookie shaped as mannequin.
Love the colors!
We designed these labels for the sparklers. Each guest held a sparkler when the birthday girl came in. She was definitely surprised!
We made these beautiful glitter jars and added flowers that match the theme.
We made this guest book alternative shaped as a shopping bag, perfect for a shopaholic to take home after the party! Each guest wrote her a special birthday wish on a shiny "coin".

Friday, December 5, 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Themed Favors & Invitation

Cowabunga! Check out these totally radical Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles favors and invitations that we made for a little dude's 6th birthday party. The favors for this party were our homemade chocolate lollipops wrapped with personalized labels. We designed the lollipop labels and invitations by using the four TMNT colors (red, orange, blue, and purple). Happy birthday Adam!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Royal First Birthday for a Little Prince

What's the best way to celebrate an adorable prince's first birthday? By throwing him the cutest royal first birthday and inviting all of his royal family and friends! Everything about this birthday was fit for a true prince, from the invitations to the dessert table. The queen mommy wanted this party to be elegant and fun. We used the colors gold, white, turquoise and added crowns and stars. Satin fabric is a must to make this party even more elegant. This theme could also work for a baby shower. All of the royal guests had a great time playing the different activities and enjoyed every detail. The king and queen were great hosts, and we were very honored and more than happy to help make their little prince's first birthday a memorable one. Happy 1st birthday to the cutest little prince we know, Prince Shehada!
The royal dessert table, favors table, and the prince's "throne".
We made a cute crown for the adorable prince to wear during his first birthday party. Prince Shehada is ready to party!
We decorated the prince's high chair by adding this "one" banner and gold stars.
The royal dessert table. We designed this royal background and added the prince's name on the table. All of the sweets and snacks displays were inspired by castle roofs.
We designed this name centerpiece and added it to the royal dessert table.
The beautiful cake by Sukkar Cakes completed the theme.
Our homemade chocolate lollipops shaped as royal stars and the number one. We also made these circle chocolate lollipops and designed these royal personalized labels.
Delicious mini ├ęclairs made by Sukkar Cakes. We made these food labels and added one to each display on the dessert table.
Our homemade cupcakes with personalized toppers.
We also designed royal chocolate labels and added them to the dessert table.
Our homemade cookies shaped as royal onesies, crowns, castles, stars, and the number one.
More delicious sweets.
Time for the royal guests, the queen mommy, and the king daddy to wish their little prince a very royal and happy birthday! We made these cute sashes for the queen, king, and prince to wear during the party. This royal family is one of the sweetest families we know, and we were more than happy to help with their little prince's special birthday. 
I'm in love with the colors! We added these lanterns and gold stars as part of the decorations.
The activities were a hit! There were three different games to play and a guest book alternative to sign. We also made this number one photo collage and added it to the table.
The "guess Prince Shehada's age" game.
The "who looks more like Prince Shehada" game.
The "crawl to your future" game. The prince decided he wants to become a doctor (and only two guests predicted that)!
The "prince charming's kissing booth" game.
We made this simple crown as a guest book alternative.
No party is complete without a photo booth. We made this royal throne background, a sword, some crowns, and capes. What a cute royal family!
These were the favors we made for the royal guests to take home. Photo magnets wrapped with a cute label.

Each royal kid got to wear one of these birthday hats that we made to match the theme.
Each winner got to take home one of these crown shaped boxes that we made and filled with delicious chocolate.
Drinks wrapped with personalized labels.
We designed this invitation for this little prince's first birthday.
Happy birthday to the cutest little prince we know! We love you and wish you a very royal and happy first birthday!


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