Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shaun the Sheep Themed 1st Birthday Party

This 1st birthday was for one cute little boy who loves shaun the sheep and balloons! The colors were green, blue, white, and black. There were many homemade snacks and sweets such as cupcakes covered with marshmallows, chocolate chip cookies, and sheep shaped sugar cookie. Check out the pictures below for more details because I could go on forever!
 The dessert table. We added the cupcakes to the back and made a fence around it. 
 We added two pictures of the birthday boy holding Shaun the Sheep, and on top of it was a customized banner.
 The customized banner. Notice the "1st" ;). 
 My favorite homemade cookies and cream cupcakes, with marshmallows and customized toppers.
A mini farm!
Sugar cookies shaped as the first letter of his name "Z", the number "1", and sheep. And  homemade chocolate chips cookies of course!
 Table with sheep centerpieces. 
 Cute mini handmade Shaun the Sheep centerpieces with ''grass''.
 The favor table and other activities.
 The birthday boy's handmade birthday hat.
 We made customized favors with a fence around each one. Each one included Shaun the Sheep coloring pages, coloring pencils, chocolate, and a notepad.
 We filled a jar with marshmallows, counted them (I still can't believe it), and created the "Guess how many marshmallow are in the jar" game. Whoever got the closest number wins the jar (a year supply of marshmallows).
 Handmade birthday hats.
 Box for guest to write birthday wishes for the birthday boy.


  1. I have been looking every where for Shaun the Sheep for my sons 2nd birthday. Can you please email me some information that may be helpful. JORDANDAHILL@AOL.COM


    1. Hi!
      Please email us at info@time2partay.com with your questions and we would be more than happy to help out!



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